Sunday, February 1, 2009

Time Flies

I am not as diligent in posting on this blog as I should be. I seem to find to many other things to keep me busy.

The Utah Legislative Session started on the 26th of January. I have mixed emotions on the later start date. I have enjoyed having an extra week after the holidays to prepare and catch my breath but, I will miss being able to have the session over by the last Wednesday in February or the 1st Wednesday in March. I don't think as many students will have the opportunity to see the Legislative Session in progress because now they will have to miss school in order to do that. I will enjoy having my birthday off this year. Yes, Presidents day will be honored this year, no meetings. This just happens to be my birthday and so I will take full advantage of not having to be at the Capitol.

I love the fact that by the time the session is over Spring is almost here, this year that will be even more evident and the session doesn't end until March 12th at midnight. March 12th is my father's birthday, I wonder what he would have thought about being in session that late and having to work until midnight on his birthday.

Don't hold your breath but if I have another chance to catch mine I might even post some pictures with comments from the last few months.

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Greg & Lyndi Daly said...

Good luck being so busy! I am glad that you get to have your birthday off!